About Us

The Beginning...

Pam and Jesse Schele, creators of Terra Natural Designs met when Jesse traveled to South America to study indigenous healing practices. During his back-packing tour he met Pam, and mutually they knew they were going to spend their lifetime together working to create a better world.

While traveling, they found local populations creating beautiful jewelry from the sustainable, durable materials grown in the forests. More amazing,  they were developed in complete accord with eco-friendly practices. The people of Ecuador and Colombia were creating jewelry from nuts and seeds, naturally and sustainably harvested from palms in the Amazon, without harming the trees, animals, or people in any way.

Jesse and Pamela Schele immediately fell in love with the art wear of these native people, and saw that they could help them expand their business and income if they could sell their jewelry in the U.S. They were excited by the idea of enhancing the lives of both this ancient culture and our modern one by bringing their close tie with nature together with a modern design point of view. It was the answer to their desire to create conscious capitalism; creating a chain of well-being for everyone.