Our Commitment

Terra’s Vision

Our company exists to create a chain of well-being. It is our number one priority. Luxury products in today’s market impact our world with huge amounts of pollution--plastics, chemicals, and toxic by-products are evident everywhere in our world.


Our business allows us to provide beautiful, natural, sustainable, eco-friendly jewelry that has minimal impact on our environment. When you wear our jewelry, you are participating in the “luxury of awareness”; looking good and feeling good about your contribution to the chain of well-being woven for everyone connected to Terra.



Terra Commitment

Today, Terra Natural Designs is a growing company of organic and sustainable gifts and accessories. Terra is committed to develop art wear that creates social and environmental well being. This means that all the practices and materials used for the creation of our products are fairly traded, will not harm or deplete any natural resources and will have a positive impact for future generations.