Social Justice

Terra is a business/social project that has been created to:


  • Support environmentally responsible practices.
  • Help sustain indigenous practices that are based in sustainability.
  • Create awareness about alternatives practices in the Apparel and Accessories market.
  • Support Artisans in third world countries and empower them to grow as co-ups.
  • Create opportunities to women is South America and in the US.
  • Create beauty for women.


Terra Strives to Support:


  • Growth of individual artisans and local co-ops and traditional sustainable practices.
  • Offers healthy employment for the South American populations. Creation of business empowerment programs for artisans co-ups.
  • Tagua nuts and seeds come from palm trees in the Rainforest, and are completely sustainable.
  • Supports preservation of the rainforest by raising the economic value of these palms, preventing their destruction, and promoting replanting.