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At Terra Natural Designs we are committed with our future generations to keep our planet healthy and alive. The seeds we use for our pieces are renewable and ethically sourced, and they sustain the preservation and replanting of palm trees in the Amazon Jungle.

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For more than a decade we have been searching, within ancient traditions, for accessories that enhance the natural powers of people.

It’s not just jewelry and accessories. Indigenous people have taught us that everything we wear carries a vibration and a medicine; through the intelligence of their materials, through the sacred patterns and colors, and through our own connection to all of this. We want o share this indigenous mindfulness with you today.

Pamela & Jesse Schele


About us

Our Story


Our jewelry pieces are made with renewable seeds from the Amazon Jungle. All of our products are made with ethically sourced materials. 


Our products are made with the hands of our indigenous artisans. We work with them continuously to bring a high quality product to your hands, 


All of our products are handmade by indigenous communities in South America. We have worked directly with these families for over 10 years.




Our Creations

Handmade Sustainable Jewelry

Handmade jewelry from Amazonian seeds, nuts and berries, like Tagua, Acai and Huairuro.

Handmade Indigenous Accessories

Our accessories are made preserving the original art and of the indigenous cultures we work with.

Handmade Essentials Accessories

Made by indigenous co-ops and communities in Ecuador, like Quichua and many others.

Seeds from the Rainforest

The Materials for our Jewels

San Pedro and Acai Seeds

Renewable beads from the Amazon Rainforest

Tagua and Huairuro

Huairuro is the protection of the spirit  seed, and the Tagua is the fertility nut.

Pepita Seeds

Little seeds that will make the most exquisite jewelry.

What we do

Handmade Jewelry Made With Love

All of our pieces are handmade by indigenous communities. We strive to connect you to women in South America that live in harmony with Nature and want to share their knowledge about Natures medicine, and healing, through products that are made from magical and renewable materials that originate from the Amazon Rainforest itself.

Exclusive COllection

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Summer ’19 Collection

What we do

Handmade Indigenous Accessories

Our accessories are made preserving the original art and handwork of the indigenous cultures we work with. Quchua, Achuar, Chuar are some of the South American native groups we work with. Their art is printed in each one of our pieces to offer our customers the opportunity to experience a new way of accessorize, with meaningful and soulful pieces.

indigenous accessoriees

The Materials for our Accessories

Ethical Sourced Leather

No animals were killed for the sourcing of our leather. It originates as a meat industry by-product. For the small pieces, we recycle leather waste from manufacturers. We also use leather with minimum treatment, avoiding the use of toxic tanneries and its negative impact.

Vegan Accessories

For those who prefer the use of all vegetable sourced materials, we have cotton suede accessories combined with textile. The sueded cotton is brushed and sanded for extra softness and body. We strive to offer a sustainable alternative for a mindful consumer.

Handmade Work on Loom

Our artisans make most of our patterns with the loom technique. We are proud to offer you handmade and traditional indigenous designs. These products have the quality and the vibration of a beautiful knit practice preserved for centuries.



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Our incredible selection of products on sale, to get something really special and convenient to your loved ones and to yourself!