How we do things

Terra Natural Designs is a  journey to South America through beautiful accessories.

Handmade by indigenous women who share their culture with a modern woman that wants to make a statement and cares about creating positive change in the world.

Made with all sustainable natural seeds, nuts and berries from the South American Amazon, our pieces are one of a kind and made with lots of love and a good vibe.


Our company exists to create a chain of well-being. It is our number one priority. Luxury products in today’s market impact our world with huge amounts of pollution–plastics, chemicals, and toxic by-products, which are evident everywhere in our world.

Our business allows us to provide beautiful, natural, sustainable, eco-friendly jewelry that has a positive impact on our environment. When you wear our jewelry, you are participating in the chain of well-being woven for everyone connected to Terra Natural Designs.


We support:

  • Growth of individual artisans, local co-ops and traditional sustainable practices.
  • Healthy employment for the South American populations. Creation of business empowerment programs for artisans co-ups.
  • Sustainability-Tagua nuts and seeds are renewable and are harvested from palm trees in the Rainforest, without harming the trees in any way.
  • Preservation of the rainforest by raising the economic value of these palms, preventing their destruction, and promoting their replanting.
  • Recycling and reusing of waste products like leather, cane sugar (for our packaging) and more.


Today, Terra Natural Designs is a growing company of organic and sustainable gifts and accessories. Terra is committed to develop art wear that creates social and environmental well-being. This means that all the practices and materials used for the creation of our products are fairly traded, will not harm or deplete any natural resources and will have a positive impact for future generations.