Environmental Impact

Terra natural designs

Take your daily decisions seriously and make them with intelligence and heart. We invite you to make beautiful choices that will make a difference in your life, and your children’s future in this planet.

Pamela Soto & Jesse Schele

Co-Founders of terra natural designs

We could try to tell you that we are going to save the planet… we can’t do that. That’s not something one can do alone, we can only do that all together. This is done with every choice we make. When it comes to shopping for beautiful fashion accessories, there are always plenty of options; however, not every option is a good one in terms of the impact on society or the planet.

You have the right to know where fashion comes from and what it does to the planet. Don´t settle for anything less than that. 

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Concept of Medicinal Accessories

Carrying The spirit of the rainforest

Accessories are not only to look beautiful, but also to feel graceful and healthy. The Rainforest has a unique intelligence that will call on and strengthen your own healing powers. Indigenous cultures have used seeds to craft jewelry and carry the powers of their medicinal plants with them.

These seeds have the ability to help the human body to be healthier and more balanced. The amazing qualities of these seeds, berries, and nuts are not only available when they are eaten but also when they are carried on the body.

We strive to connect you to women in South America that live in harmony with Nature and want to share their knowledge about healing and Natures medicine, through products that are made from renewable materials that originate from the Amazon Rainforest itself.

Our passion is to communicate about this sustainable alternative and at the same time create beautiful pieces for women to look incredible and powerful. At the same time, raise the vibration of their everyday life with Medi- cine Ornaments.

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Tagua Palm

Serves the community with a fruit and an incredible material for ornaments.

Hardened Nuts

These seeds are eaten and also used as VEGETABLE IVORY to craft accessories.


These seeds are carried by man and women to enhance their stamina and fertility.

Poverty is a state of mind while wealth is a state of the heart. Our business is about empowering women to share their beauty and their choices, and to connect with each other creating meaningful work, a positive impact on the planet, a contribution to society and beautiful gifts for each other.

The Artisans and their Native Culture

an intelligence they want to share with you

The smell of the earth, the freshness of the wind, the heat of the sun, the power of water… signs of nature that guide those who know how to read them, those who preserve the connection with our human roots and our divine aspect .

They are the wise men and women who hold a sacred relationship with the world they belong to. They have no intention to be wise, but they can read the leaves and the sky, and they know all the secrets about the colors around them. What nature offers…..they humbly take and give back. They inspire us, and touch us deeply inside; they are the native cultures around the world, those who still know …those who can teach us.

We want to learn from them, we want to spread the word: there are masters dressed as artisans, communicating the ancestral wisdom of our planet through their work. Here it is … the truth we are looking for … in every seed, every stitch … a human intention, a divine force.

Some might think that the women behind our products are considered impoverished, but these women are not poor. In fact, they are richer than most of the people we know—they live in community, grow their own food, they present awareness about living in harmony with the planet—and all their practices are a reflection of that.

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A Family Passion

The  female

This is a family that recognizes the importance, power and intelligence of the feminine and the masculine. Women are only graceful when have support, care, and encouragement.

In our company, women play an important role in management and governance using their intuition, creativity and heart. The responsibility of the community is held by all, but represented by women.

Working in Community

The male

Men in this business and this family are constantly giving support to create a magical and different enterprise. In our company man are in charge of key areas that of the business that keeps it alive and constantly growing.

So grateful for all men that support their women develop into be who they are.

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