Mini Boutique                                                                     Hanging Display














HEIGHT: 25.5″ WIDTH: 7.25″ DEPTH: 9″                                                      HEIGHT: 62.5″ WIDTH: 7.25″ DEPTH: 0.75″


Jewelry & Accessories                                                                                         For small Spaces

Great size – Fits anywhere                                                                                                           Perfect to hang in small spaces

    Flexible for merchandise                                                                                                       End cap power panel fixture type

  Interchangeable pegs                                                                                                                        Great variety of product

    Unique Natural look                                                                                                                        Interchangeable pegs for

Great Variety in small place                                                                                                                   multi-product display

                                                                             Tells the story

Free display with minimum                                                                                                       Free display with minimum

        purchase of: $395                                                                                                                        purchase of: $685


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