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Learn more about our Customer Service Policies: Exchanges, swap outs, returns policies and more.


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Swap-out: Exchanges to improve line performance

  1. Swap-out must be accompanied with a reorder, unless it’s a damaged item or mistake (See Article II.)
  2. Swap-Out can only be issued with returned product over $35 wholesale value.
  3. Swap-Outs are only available when reordering up to 90 days of last order.
  4. The permitted exchangeable amount is 1/3 of the total reorder amount.
  5. A Call Tag will be issued for product above this amount and will be sent with the customer service policies and order form.
  6. Credit will be issued for a swap-out/exchange when product is physically returned and processed.
  7. Exchangeable products must be done with RESELLABLE product (this will be determined by Terra).
EXCHANGE: Damaged items or Errors in Shipping

General Policy

  1. For product under $35 wholesale value: (doesn’t not have to be physically returned.)
  2. Credit memo, exact exchange, or exchange for equivalent amount for other product, will be applied.
  3. For product over $35 wholesale value: We will issue a Call Tag for product.
  4. Vendor must provide a box and weight to issue a call tag.
  5. Credit memo, exchange for exact product, or exchange for equivalent amount for other product, will be applied.

Consumer Return

  1. Store may exchange product for purchase within 30 Days of purchased item from vendor.
  2. After 30 days the customer might contact Terra Natural Designs customer corporate offices for customer service.
  3. A picture of physical product showing damage is required to improve product quality.

Store Return

  1. Damaged items from vendor: Exchange or credit from 90 days of delivery date of product.
  1. Customer has 3 months full credit of wholesale value from last Delivery Date
  2. Customer after 3 can obtain up to half credit of wholesale value last order.
  3. To receive Full credit product that is returned must be in SELLABLE condition (“Sellable” will be determined by Terra ONLY)
  4. Terra must physically have product to be able to issue credit.
  5. A call tag or delivery service will be given for a return up to $30 in shipping costs or for product over $35 in wholesale value.

Issuing Credit

  1. Credit is issued as a Credit memo (must be submitted to the relevant party/ies)
  2. It can be used on a reorder or upgrade
  3. It can be for an exchanged for new product
  4. Product must be PHYSCALLY returned to issue Credit
  5. Credit can be put on a Credit card for a FULL RETURN ONLY:
  6. For damaged products
  7. After 15 days of purchasing the product.

Free Shipping:

  1. With a purchase of $100 and above
  2. Back ordered items
  3. Damaged product (See returns)
  4. Wrongly sent product (See returns)
  5. Specials or as authorized by owners/management of Terra

Shipping charges:

  1. Wholefoods: See shipping chart for full details.
  2. Wegmans: See shipping chart for full details.
  3. Hy-Vee: See shipping chart for full details.
  4. Natural Grocers: See shipping chart for full details.
  5. Independent grocery stores, Boutiques and other independent: See Shipping chart for details.

Shipping charges are applied on account by account bases and is subject to change

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