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Handmade jewelry from Amazonian seeds
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Jewels from the Amazon

Accessories are not only to look beautiful, but also to feel graceful and healthy. The Rainforest has a unique intelligence that will call on and strengthen your own healing powers. Indigenous cultures use seeds to craft jewelry and carry the powers of their medicinal plants with them.

These seeds have the ability to help the human body to be healthier and more balanced. The amazing qualities of these seeds, berries, and nuts are not only available when they are eaten but also when they are carried on the body.

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What We Make


Handmade bracelets crafted from acai seeds, achira seeds, and tagua nuts.


Beautiful pendants handmade from amazonian seeds like, achira, acai and Tagua nuts.


100% hypoallergenic handmade earrings made from seeds from the AMazon Rainforest.


Our Tagua rings are incredibly popular and made from our renewable and sustinable Tagua nuts.


Caring about the planet is super fashionable. Handmade necklaces made by renewable amazonian seeds.

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The most unique pieces, made by indigenous communities and inspired by their culture.

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2018 Collection

What we do

Handmade by Quechua Communities 

All of our pieces are handmade by indigenous communities. We strive to connect you to women in South America that live in harmony with Nature and want to share their knowledge about Natures medicine, and healing, through products that are made from magical and renewable materials that originate from the Amazon Rainforest itself.


Why are these accessories better? 


Better for people. This handmade work preserves their cultural traditions and also offers an opportunity to woman and man to work their craft at home and be able to get their family involved in their traditions which they pass on form generation to generation. 


Better for the planet. Our products help preserve the Amazon Rainforest. The usage of seeds, berries, and nuts from the Amazonian rainforest gives economic value to the palm trees and supports the replanting of the native flora of the Rainforest.



Better for culture. Indigenous communities and cultures in South America, the guardians of The Amazon Rainforest, sustain and continue their traditions and culture by sharing their arts and commercializing it. These pieces has a healthy impact on culture.


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