sustainability is a philosophy

“Coming to recognize your own personal connection to the spirit ecology of the Rainforest, is healing.

As the Rainforest opens itself to you, you will recognize your role in healing it “. 

materials – jewelry

Seeds, Nuts, and Berries


Jewels to look beautiful and feel graceful

The Rainforest has a unique intelligence that will call on and strengthen your own healing powers. Indigenous cultures have used seeds to craft jewelry and carry the powers of their medicinal plants with them. These seeds have the ability to help the human body to be healthier and more balanced.

The amazing qualities of these seeds, berries, and nuts are not only available when they are eaten but also when they are carried on the body. We strive to connect you to women in South America that live in harmony with Nature and want to share their knowledge about healing and Natures medicine, through products that are made from renewable materials that originate from the Amazon Rainforest itself.

materials – accessories & Winter

Wool, Cotton and Leather


Accessories that will rise your vibration

Our passion is to communicate about this sustainable alternative and at the same time create beautiful pieces for women to look incredible and powerful.

We strive to raise the vibration of their everyday life, with natural, alive and sustainable materials, that will have a positive impact on this generation and future ones.