How is Tagua made into jewelry?


Why Tagua?

We could talk for hours when it comes to the reasons for using Tagua jewelry, but just to give you an idea…

It raises the economic value of these rainforest palms, protecting them from destruction and supporting new plantings.

It does no harm in any stage of growth or production to the trees, animals, people, or land. 

Enables Terra Natural Designs to support the artisans who carve and dye these nuts with fair wages (in accord with the Fair Trade guidelines) and with work in a pesticide-free environment. We also work with the artisans and co-ops to help them integrate modern business techniques and jewelry design.

Offers an excellent alternative to the tusks of elephants, walruses, and whales. While these animals are killed for their tusks, the ivory palms produce nuts year after year, even beyond a century. 

It is also beautiful, attractive, light weight, durable, eco-friendly, sustainable, organic, natural, CO2 positive, fair trade, non-toxic, even edible, bio degradable, versatile, trendy, reasonable priced.

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